*Does the Beer Package also include Smirnoff Ice?

  • Yes, the Beer Package includes beer and Smirnoff ice. Both unlimited.


*Where do we get on?

– The start/finish point is from our office on Jl Kartika Plaza, near Water Bom Park.


*Do you have toilet stops?

-Yes, as many as the group needs.


*Do you stop at other places/bars along the way?

-No, apart from toilet stops, you stay on the bike for the 2 hour tour.


*What if I don’t drink alcohol?

-No problem, the Non Drinking Package is IDR 300,000


*What if I want to drink beer and my friend wants to drink wine?

-Easy, each seat can choose their own drink package


*Do I have to pedal?

-No, we are the “lazy, tropical version” of a Beer Cycle. We are fully motorised.


*Does the tour still run if its raining?

-Yes, we have a roof and ponchos. The only reason we cant operate is if the roads are flooded.